IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack 6.1.1 Installation, Configuration, Operation Training (TS311CZ)

IBM, Tivoli

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack utilizes disk-based, block-level, incremental-forever technology to protect database, mail, and file servers in the SMB environment. This three-day course enables you to implement, configure, and support the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack product. Learn to install the server and client components of the product, define the repository, and use the FastBack Manager interface to create a client groups, job schedules, and policies to protect the data and operating system volumes on application servers in the laboratory environment. Practice performing full and incremental snapshot backups, restore individual files and folders, and recover entire data volumes. Using Tivoli Storage Manager for Exchange, gain experience restoring e-mail attachments and e-mail messages from a point-in-time snapshot of a Microsoft Exchange server database, use search criteria to locate items of interest, and save selected items to a PST file.

Location, current course term

Brno + online (volitelně)
7/17/2023 - 7/19/2023 CZECH
10/9/2023 - 10/11/2023 CZECH
Vlastní Školení na míru (termín, lokalita, obsah, délka)

The course:

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  • 1. Introduction and Overview
    1. Block-Level, Incremental-Forever Backup Technology
    2. Components and Architecture
    3. FastBack Server and Repository
    4. FastBack Client
    5. FastBack Manager GUI
    6. FastBack Mount/Instant Restore
    7. FastBack for Microsoft Exchange
    8. FastBack Bare Machine Recovery
    9. FastBack Repository Management and Replication
    10. Central Control Station
  • 2. Installation, Configuration, and Operation
    1. Installing the TSM FastBack Server
    2. Defining the Repository
    3. Installing the TSM FastBack Client
    4. Workflow: Creating a Client Group, Job Schedule, and Policy
    5. Validating Proper Functioning by Performing a Full Snapshot Backup
  • 3. Backup and Restore Operations
    1. Using the Snapshot Monitor
    2. Performing a Traditional Volume Restore
    3. Performing a Block-level Incremental Backup
    4. Performing a Check Point Snapshot
    5. Enabling Continuous Data Protection
    6. Using FastBack Mount to Restore Individual Files and Folders
    7. Performing an Instant Restore of a Data Volume
  • 4. TSM FastBack for Microsoft Exchange
    1. Direct Exchange Restore
    2. Accessing the EDB files
    3. Restoring an Attachment
    4. Restoring E-mail Messages
    5. Using the Find Function
    6. Creating PST Files
  • 5. Managing the Repository
    1. Repository Overview
    2. Repository Cleanup
    3. Deleting Snapshots
  • 6. Data Replication for Disaster Recovery
    1. Replication Scenarios
    2. Installing the DR Hub Server
    3. Selecting Policies for Replication
    4. Scheduling Replication
    5. Using the Central Control Station to Monitor Replication
  • 7. TSM FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery
    1. Bare Machine Recovery Overview
    2. Building the Bare Machine Recovery CD
    3. Using the Bare Machine Recovery CD
    4. Any-to-Any Hardware Functionality
  • 8. Advanced Features and Functions
    1. Copy on Write
    2. File System Flush
    3. Quiescing Applications with VSS and VDI
    4. Storage Area Network Integration
    5. Configuring Priorities
  • 9. Troubleshooting and Avoiding Common Problems
    1. Snapshot Problem Determination
    2. Log Files
    3. Antivirus Considerations
    4. Error Recovery
    5. Avoiding Common Problems
  • 10. TSM FastBack for Linux Clients
  • 11. Integration with TSM Enterprise Edition
  • 12. TSM FastBack Reporting
Assumed knowledge:
Basic storage management concepts. Basic networking concepts. Microsoft Windows 2003 administration skills and knowledge.
3 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
1 416.00 € (1 713.36 € incl. 21% VAT)