The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. (Isaac Asimov)


Citrix Systems is a multinational corporation that provides technology for server and desktop virtualization, networking, SaaS (software as a Service) and Cloud Computing of more than two hundred thousands of organizations worldwide.

Specialists can obtain following technical certifications of Citrix products based on demonstration of their knowledge by passing certification tests:

  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
  • Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator (CCAA)
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE)
  • Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA)
  • Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)
These certification titles are then connected to a specific product of Citrix certification which it has been obtained for (e.g. CCAA for Citrix XenApp 6, CCA for NetScaler 10, etc.).

ICT Pro offers courses and training for acquisition of the knowledge needed to obtain these certifications. A comprehensive list of these courses can be found in our offer of courses and training Citrix.