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ICT Pro – training, Customized courses and workshops

ICT Pro company provides complete service solution in the area of education and corporate training. As the name itself suggests, ICT Pro specializes in information and communication technologies training.

Complete training offer, Customized workshops

In order to provide complete training solution for corporate clients we have gradually extended our training portfolio to delivering also courses of project management, process management, innovation and soft skills. Besides our standard training offer we particularly provide specialized and customized courses “made to measure” for both individuals and groups with specific training requests based on their concrete demand and entry knowledge.

ICT Pro training: Guarantee of Quality

Our professional team consists of experts from various ICT branches whose knowledge and experience cover a wide range of products developed by corporations such as Microsoft, VMware, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, HP, Check Point, Juniper, Adobe, Citrix and also technologies based on Unix/Linux, IT communication, VoIP and last but not least, graphic products in DTP and CAD technologies.