PRINCE2® 5th Edition Foundation (PRNC1)

ICT Management, PRINCE2

PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation is the most widespread project management in Europe which is gaining popularity thanks to the best practice approach. PRINCE2® is easy to understand, flexible and can be used for any type of project regardless of its scope, type, organization, location, culture and for all members of the project team. PRINCE2® principles are based on real practice, have been tested in thousands of projects and are continuously improved and adapted to the current needs. PRINCE2® opens up new opportunities through simple but efficient approach to project management as a whole. The methodology supports the principles of continuous improvement, risk management and reduces the bureaucracy in project management.

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The course:

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  • Introduction to project management, introduction to PRINCE2
    1. Introduction to project management, introduction to PRINCE2
    2. What is project management, how it differs from business management
    3. History of the PRINCE2 methodology
    4. The importance of applying the project management methodology
  • Principles of PRINCE2
    1. The importance of following the basic principles
    2. Listing the PRINCE2 Principles
    3. Continuous justification of the rationale
    4. Learning from experience
    5. Defined roles and responsibilities
    6. Staged management
    7. Managing with exceptions
    8. Product focus
    9. Adapting management to the project environment
  • PRINCE2 topics
    1. General description of the topics as headings of the PRINCE2 methodology
    2. PRINCE2 themes
    3. Project justification
    4. Organisation
    5. Quality
    6. Plans
    7. Risks
    8. Change
    9. Progress
    10. Exercise: Defining topics in a case study, working in groups
    11. Presentation of exercise results
  • Processes in PRINCE2
    1. Explanation of processes in general
    2. Process map - a rough outline of the processes
    3. Process map - introduction to details
    4. Roles and responsibilities in each process
    5. Lines of authority and reporting
  • Process details
    1. Detailed explanations of each process with practical examples.
    2. Description of the processes:
    3. Pre-project preparation
    4. Project initiation
    5. Strategic project management
    6. Stage management
    7. Product delivery management
    8. Stage Boundary Management
    9. Project closure
    10. Planning and Products in Projects
    11. Product
    12. Types of plans
    13. Creation of plans
    14. Updates and responsibilities
  • Plan documentation and responsibilities
    1. Product
    2. Product Description
    3. Project Product Description
    4. Current status of the product
    5. Decomposition and product flow
    6. Records, reports, registries
    7. Record of previous experience
    8. Daily record - Diary
    9. Issue Register
    10. Risk Register
    11. Quality Register
    12. Stage Completion Report
    13. Project Completion Report
    14. Issue Report
  • Stage Status Report (Highlight Report)
    1. Exception Report
    2. Configuration Item Record Report
    3. Work Status Report (Checkpoint Report)
    4. Exercise: Examples of specific reports and registers, practical use
    5. Presentation of exercise results
  • Project organisation
    1. Executive Director and Project Manager
    2. Project Steering Committee
    3. Team leaders
    4. Other project roles
    5. Delegation and sharing
    6. Adaptation of roles to real projects
  • Risks and changes in the project
    1. Checklist of general risks
    2. Identification of new risks
    3. Probability and impact estimates
    4. Elimination of the impact of risks on the project
    5. Occurrence of project changes
    6. Project change management
  • Strategy
    1. Communication Management Strategy
    2. Configuration Management Strategy
    3. Quality Management Strategy
    4. Risk Management Strategy
    5. Comprehensive Project Outline
  • Comprehensive Project Outline
    1. Appointment of all project components
    2. Graphical representation of processes
    3. Logical integration of all parts of the methodology into a comprehensive project
    4. Exercise: division of tasks in project management, preparation of plans and documents
    5. Presentation of exercise results
    6. Tolerance, problems and escalation
  • Tolerance, an essential management tool
    1. Processes related to exceeding tolerances
    2. Formal and informal problem solving
    3. Problem escalation and impact on the project
  • Test issues
    1. Practising knowledge on test questions
    2. Explanation of incorrect answers and repetition
  • Case study
    1. Adopting the methodology on a specific project
    2. Analysis of a sample project based on the knowledge gained
    3. Applying the acquired knowledge in practice
    4. Answering questions
    5. Discussing the project
  • Passing the PRINCE2® Foundation exam
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PRINCE2® 5th Edition Practitioner (PRNC2)
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      Národní úřad pro kybernetickou a informační bezpečnost, Petra H.
      PRINCE2® 5th Edition Foundation ( PRNC1)
      "PRINCE2 Strukturovaný, srozumitelný výklad. Lektor velmi dobře přednášel, na doplňující dotazy reagoval ochotně, uměl vše jasně vysvětlit. Kurs byl dobře rozvržený."
      Rieter CZ s.r.o., Lukáš P.
      PRINCE2® 5th Edition Foundation ( PRNC1)
      "Efektivní školení, získal jsem ucelený přehled o řízení projektu."
      HP TRONIC Zlín, spol. s r.o., Jiří H.
      PRINCE2® 5th Edition Foundation ( PRNC1)
      "Celkový dojem pozitivní. Oceňuji profesionální vedení kurzu."