Advanced HP-UX System Administration and Troubleshooting (HPUX2)

Unix-like systems, HP-UX

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The course:

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  • reating and Managing User Accounts
  • Customizing User Accounts
  • Scheduling cron Jobs
  • Maintaining File Systems, Backing up File Systems
  • Managing Swap Space, Basic Networking
  • LVM, disk mirroring, Resolve basic LVM problems
  • Install HP-UX OS software, applications, and patches
  • Managing Software with Ignite-UX
  • Installing the OS with Ignite-UX, Booting from IGNITE image
  • HP-UX recovery, Hands-on with GSP
  • Backup and restore files and directories, and create a bootable recovery tape.
  • Disk/System performance Monitoring
  • Configure custom HP-UX startup and shutdown scripts
  • Configure kernel drivers, subsystems, and tunable parameters
  • Basic overview of HP server hardware
  • Accessing the System Console
  • Booting PA-RISC Systems, Troubleshooting
  • Recover a non-bootable PA-RISC system
  • Troubleshoot login problems, Troubleshoot process problems.
  • Troubleshoot a kernel crash dump and patch problems
Recommended previous course:
HP-UX - Introduction and Basic Administration (HPUX1)
Recommended subsequent course:
Advanced HP-UX Management and Configuration Workshop (HPUX3)
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
1 520.00 € (1 839.20 € incl. 21% VAT)