Cloud - IAAS cloud (CLD1)

Virtualization, Management

This course is focused to teach participants understand logic of IAAS cloud, and get practical experience on its creation, management and usage. Uniqueness of this course is focus on price, which leads to usage of existing hardware and as much opensource technologies as possible. After finishing of this course participants will gain understanding of IAAS (infrastructure as a service), several virtualization technologies, understand limitation of different hardware, got idea how to ensure “High Availability” and be able to apply those skills in almost any existing environment.

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The course:

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  • Designing
    1. This part is focused on detail analysis of needs, existing resources and base on it design IAAS cloud with focus on several criteria 9TCO, speed, availability, price, throughput). Part of design is explanation of storage technologies (iSCSI, ATAoverEthernet, NAS, SAN), network devices and their limitations (switches, routers), problem of redundant topologies, theory of High Availability, virtualization technologies “for free” (KVM, XEN, VMWARE, VIRTUALBOX), cloud management system.
  • Hardware preparation
    1. This part of course is focused on using gathered skills. Participants will choose their hardware and prepare cloud design for this hardware. During this design part participants will also calculate TCO of designed solution. Integral part of this is also testing hardware capabilities (switch speed, storage capacity and other) to ensure “best value” of designed solution.
  • Software installation
    1. Instalation of required software based on OpenSource technologies
    2. Data storage – creation/integration
    3. Virtualization technologies instalation
    4. Installation of cloud hypervisor
    5. Configuration of High Availibility for cloud hypervisor
  • IAAS Cloud manager
    1. High Availibility testing
    2. User rights management
    3. Cloud resources management – add/remove cloud member
    4. Maintenance/upgrade of running cloud
    5. Network resource installation/management
  • Virtual Machine Manager
    1. Last chapter is focused on management and maintenance of virtual machines
    2. Installation & testing of virtual machines
    3. Migration of running machines (includes High Availibility behaviour)
    4. Cloning of virtual machines and ensuring their accesibility (plus resolution of conflicts caused by identical hardware)
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )