CompTIA Network+ (ComNet)

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CompTIA's Network+ is the premier vendor-neutral networking certification. Our Network+ Prep Course is designed to provide the foundation you need not only to be productive on the job but also to be successful in more specialized topics and in your pursuit of vendor-specific certifications.

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The course:

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  • Network Media and Devices
    1. Topologies and the OSI Model
    2. Cabling and Connectors
    3. Ethernet
    4. Bridge and Switches
  • Addressing and Routing
    1. Internet Protocol
    2. Addressing Schemes
    3. DHCP and APIPA
    4. IPv6
    5. Routing
  • Network Applications
    1. Transport Protocols
    2. Name Resolution
    3. Web Services
    4. Communication Services
    5. WAN Technologies
    6. Remote Access
  • Network Security
    1. Security Fundamentals
    2. Security Appliances
    3. Authentication
    4. Installing Wireless Networks
  • Management, Monitoring, Troubleshooting
    1. Configuration Management
    2. Installing Wired Networks
    3. Deploying Virtual Networks
    4. Monitoring and Management Tools
    5. Network Troubleshooting
Assumed knowledge:
CompTIA recommends 9 months of network-related IT experience (not mandatory)
Recommended previous course:
CompTIA A+ (ComA)
Recommended subsequent course:
CompTIA Security+ (ComSec)
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )