Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Rev. 22.41 (0001197140) (HPE1)

Networking, HPE

The HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions course is five days in duration and includes lectures and lab activities in the ratio of approximately 30/70 (lectures/activities). Hands-on lab exercises are performed using resources hosted by the HPE Partner Ready lab team. This course exposes participants to the HPE portfolio and HPE GreenLake services. It will focus on HPE networking, server, and storage solutions for SMB customers. Through customer scenarios and extensive hands-on labs, participants will learn how to match different types of workloads with HPE products, learn about HPE management tools, and have an introduction to virtual and containerized workloads.

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The course:

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  • HPE value proposition
    1. HPE GreenLake
    2. Workload with products
    3. Customer requirements
    4. High-availability requirements and solutions
    5. Available tools and resources (Power Advisor, OCS etc.)
  • HPE compute solutions
    1. HPE ProLiant ML/DL servers
    2. HPE Apollo 2000 servers
    3. HPE Services
    4. Virtual and containerized workloads (VMs, Docker Containers)
  • HPE networking solutions
    1. Aruba CX 6000 and 8000 series
    2. VLANS, IP addressing, Static routing
    3. Networking security and secure management protocols (ACLs, SNMPv3, Radius/Tacacs+)
    4. SAN vs LAN vs NAS
  • HPE storage solutions
    1. SMB/NFS
    2. MSA
    3. Nimble
    4. StoreEasy
    5. StoreOnce VSA
    6. StoreEver
    7. Storage networking
    8. Perform storage configuration
  • HPE solution management
    1. HPE OneView with integration 
    2. iLO
    3. Infosight/Remote Support
    4. GreenLake management tools
  • Solution deployment, update and maintenance
    1. Intelligent Provisioning
    2. Firmware
    3. OneView
    4. Maintenance and support procedures
  • Building a solution
    1. Storage, compute, networking and environmental components
    2. Creation of a BOM
Assumed knowledge:
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
2 596.00 € (3 141.16 € incl. 21% VAT)