Junos Routing Essentials (JRE)

Networking, Juniper

This one-day classroom based course provides students with foundational routing knowledge and configuration examples, and includes an overview of general routing concepts, routing policy, and firewall filters. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the Junos OS and monitoring basic device operations. This course uses Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for the hands-on component, but the lab environment does not preclude the course from being applicable to other Juniper hardware platforms running the Junos OS.

Location, current term course

10/2/2020 - 10/2/2020
12/11/2020 - 12/11/2020
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The course:

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  • Chapter 1: Course Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Routing Fundamentals
    1. Routing Concepts: Overview of Routing
    2. Routing Concepts: The Routing Table
    3. Routing Concepts: Routing Instances
    4. Static Routing
    5. Dynamic Routing
    6. Lab 1: Routing Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Routing Policy
    1. Routing Policy Overview
    2. Case Study: Routing Policy
    3. Lab 2: Routing Policy
  • Chapter 4: Firewall Filters
    1. Firewall Filters Overview
    2. Case Study: Firewall Filters
    3. Unicast Reverse-Path-Forwarding Checks
    4. Lab 3: Firewall Filters
  • Appendix A: Class of Service
    1. CoS Overview
    2. Traffic Classification
    3. Traffic Queuing
    4. Traffic Scheduling
    5. Case Study: CoS
    6. Lab 4: Class of Service (Optional)
Assumed knowledge:
Students should have basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the TCP/IP protocol suite. Students should also attend the Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) course prior to attending this class.
Recommended previous course:
Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS)
Recommended subsequent course:
Juniper Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR)
1 day (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
500.00 € ( 605.00 € incl. 21% VAT)
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