Object Oriented Modeling Using PoweDesigner 15.0 (PWD3)

Databases, SAP Sybase

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The course:

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  • SAP PowerDesigner Environment
    1. Examining the SAP PowerDesigner Environment
    2. Defining the SAP PowerDesigner File Structure
    3. Creating a Library
    4. Creating a Glossary
  • Introduction to SAP PowerDesigner and Enterprise Architecture Models (EAMs)
    1. Using SAP PowerDesigner for Modeling
    2. Creating Diagrams in an EAM
  • Business Layer in EAM
    1. Using Organization Charts and Business Communication Diagrams
    2. Building the Business Layer in an EAM
  • Application Layer in EAM
    1. Creating Service-Oriented Diagrams
    2. Defining the Application Layer
  • Technology Layer in EAM
    1. Identifying Elements of the Technology Layer
  • Diagrams and Packages
    1. Creating Diagrams
    2. Creating Packages
  • Reports in SAP PowerDesigner
    1. Reporting in SAP PowerDesigner
    2. Generating Reports
  • Model Management
    1. Checking the EAM
    2. Building Cross-Model Relationships
  • Repository in SAP PowerDesigner
    1. Checking Documents in and out of the Repository
    2. Configuring a Workflow
    3. Configuring Repository Branches
    4. Finalizing the Repository Configuration
2 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
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