Using HPE OneView, Rev. 21.31 (0001175507) (HPE3)

Networking, HPE

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  • HPE OneView introduction
    1. Describe the HPE OneView ecosystem
    2. Identify HPE OneView implementation and access methods
    3. Explain HPE OneView licensing options
    4. Understand how REST API and PowerShell scripting helps automate the environment
  • HPE OneView installation and initial setup
    1. Describe the HPE OneView for Synergy configuration process
    2. Describe the HPE OneView appliance installation and configuration process
    3. Explain the HPE OneView first access and initial configuration steps
  • Managing networking in HPE OneView
    1. Describe the high-level HPE OneView configuration process
    2. Describe HPE Virtual Connect technologies
    3. Create networks and network sets using HPE OneView
    4. Explain logical resources in HPE OneView (logical interconnect group, enclosure group, and logical enclosure)
    5. Describe basics of ToR switch management
  • Managing HPE storage using HPE OneView
    1. Identify the supported storage components and integration model in HPE OneView
    2. Understand the process of adding a SAN manager and SAN configuration to HPE OneView
    3. Explain the process of adding supported HPE storage devices to HPE OneView
    4. Describe volume and logical JBOD management using HPE OneView
  • Managing HPE servers using HPE OneView
    1. Explain management of HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo servers using HPE OneView
    2. Understand management of HPE BladeSystem using HPE OneView
    3. Explain HPE OneView features for HPE Superdome Flex
  • Managing server profiles using HPE OneView
    1. Describe the server profile template and the server profile concepts
    2. Explain the process of creating a server profile template for managed servers
    3. Explain additional server profile management options
    4. Explain the hypervisor cluster profile concept
  • Managing data center management and security in HPE OneView
    1. Describe data center management features in HPE OneView
    2. Explain security concepts used in HPE OneView
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining HPE OneView
    1. Explain the HPE OneView update process
    2. Describe basic HPE OneView troubleshooting and maintenance procedures
    3. Discuss available report options
Recommended previous course:
HPE Compute Solutions, Rev. 21.41 (0001174342) (HPE4)
3 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
1 956.00 € (2 366.76 € incl. 21% VAT)