Advanced Level Linux Certification Bootcamp I (Exam 201) (LPI201)

Unix-like systems, LPI Approved

Advanced Level Linux Certification Bootcamp I (Exam 201) prepares participants for LPI 201 exam. It covers advanced skills for the Linux professional that are common across all distributions of Linux (Linux Kernel, System Startup, Filesystem and Devices, Advanced Storage Device Administration, Networking Configuration, System Maintenance, Domain Name Server).

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The course:

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  • Capacity Planning
    1. Measure and Troubleshoot Resource Usage
    2. Predict Future Resource Needs
  • Linux Kernel
    1. Kernel Components
    2. Compiling a kernel
    3. Patching a kernel
    4. Customise, build and install a custom kernel and kernel modules
    5. Manage/Query kernel and kernel modules at runtime
  • System Startup
    1. Customising system startup and boot processes
    2. System recovery
    3. Alternate Bootloaders
  • Filesystem and Devices
    1. Operating the Linux filesystem
    2. Maintaining a Linux filesystem
    3. Creating and configuring filesystem options
    4. Device Management (udev)
  • Advanced Storage Device Administration
    1. Configuring RAID
    2. Adjusting Storage Device Access
    3. Logical Volume Manager
  • Networking Configuration
    1. Basic networking configuration
    2. Advanced Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
    3. Troubleshooting network issues
  • System Maintenance
    1. Make and install programs from sources
    2. Working with source codes, compiling programs
    3. Backup operations
    4. Notify users on system-related issues
Assumed knowledge:
Knowledge on LPIC-1 level
Recommended previous course:
Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Certification Bootcamp I (101) (LPIC101)
Recommended subsequent course:
Advanced Level Linux Certification Bootcamp II (Exam 202) (LPI202)
4 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
744.00 € ( 900.24 € incl. 21% VAT)