CompTIA Security+ (ComSec)

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CompTIA's Security+ is the premier vendor-neutral security certification and demonstrates your knowledge of security concepts, tools, and procedures. It confirms your ability to react to security incidents, and it validates your skill in anticipating security risks and guarding against them.

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The course:

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  • Security Threats and Controls
    1. Security Controls
    2. Threats and Attacks
    3. Network Attacks
    4. Assessment Tools and Techniques
  • Cryptography and Access Control
    1. Ciphers, Hashes, and Steganography
    2. Public Key Infrastructure
    3. Password Authentication
    4. Authorization and Account Management
  • Network Security
    1. Secure Network Design
    2. Security Appliances and Applications
    3. Wireless Network Security
    4. VPN and Remote Access Security
    5. Network Application Security
  • Host, Data, and Application Security
    1. Host Security
    2. Data Security
    3. Web Services Security
    4. Web Application Security
    5. Virtualization and Cloud Security
  • Operational Security
    1. Site Security
    2. Mobile and Embedded Device Security
    3. Risk Management
    4. Disaster Recovery
    5. Incident Response and Forensics
    6. Security Policies and Training
Assumed knowledge:
CompTIA A+ certification and CompTIA Network+ certification or equivalent experience
Recommended previous course:
CompTIA Network+ (ComNet)
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )