MS Exchange Server - Administration (EXS1)

Microsoft, Networking

This course introduces the students to Microsoft Exchange messaging and collaboration system. It cover basic concepts about the product such as prerequisites for successful installation, the installation and basic configuration tasks. The various roles of Exchange are covered - what is their purpose and place in an Exchange server infrastructure.

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The course:

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  • Installation
    1. Introduction to Exchange 2010
    2. Hardware, Software and Ifrastructure requirements
    3. Active Directory and Exchange 2010
    4. Installing Exchange 2010
  • The Exchange Roles
    1. Mailbox role
    2. Hub Transport role
    3. Client Access role
    4. Unified Messaging role
    5. Edge Role
  • Recipients and the Mailbox Role
    1. Creating and Managing Mailbox Databases
    2. Creating and Managing Public Folders
    3. Recipient types in Exchange 2010
    4. Managin user mailboxes
    5. Managing other recipients
  • Message Transport and Client Access
    1. Configuring Outlook Web Access
    2. Configuring Exchange ActiveSync
    3. Accepted Domains and Email Address Policies
    4. Managing Send and Receive Connectors
    5. Deploying Edge Transport Server
Assumed knowledge:
This course is targeted at administrators who have no to little experience with Microsoft Exchange line of products. Knowledge of Active Directory, DNS and IP routing is required. Basic knowledge of SMTP and other messaging platforms would be a plus.
Recommended subsequent course:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Advanced Administration (EXS2)
3 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )

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Vema,a.s., Jan M.
MS Exchange Server - Administration ( EXS1)
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MS Exchange Server - Administration ( EXS1)
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