Mobile Device Management Training (MDM1)

Specialized training, Mobile Device Management

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The course:

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  • Introduction into Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • BYOD concept
  • MDM approach - full device management x sandboxed scenario
  • Mobile device clients and clientless devices
  • What the future can bring us
  • MDM console login and basic orientation
  • Daily tasks with MDM - user and device management
  • LAB01: User portal, admin portal, device enrollment
  • MDM components and their roles
  • MDM and network topology
  • Device and server communication
  • MDM and intranet resources
  • MDM global settings and post installation tasks
  • LAB02: APNS request, LDAP, SMTP, proxy, roles, monitoring configuration
  • Mobile device platforms and MDM
  • iOS and MDM in details, configuration profiles, iPCU
  • Android and MDM in details, Samsung SAFE technology
  • Windows Phone and MDM in details
  • Mobile device security - general overview
  • Mobile device policies - best approaches
  • Mobile device applications
  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting
  • iOS/Android/WP specific tasks with applications
  • Application access to intranet and internal resources
  • Setup of profiles and policies
  • Device compliance rules
  • LAB03: Device policies application and best practices
  • MDM in high availability scenario, failover, load ballancing
  • MDM monitoring
  • MDM troubleshooting, server recovery
  • MDM log resources and analysing tools
  • Monitor and recover
  • Application provisioning, device platform specific task
  • LAB04: Application publishing, basic orientation in MDM log files
  • Third day (optional, focused mostly on security):
  • Mobile device security in details
  • Major security risks and their mitigation
  • Documents on mobile devices
  • Email attachments handling
  • MS Sharepoint and mobile devices
  • Advanced security practices
  • LAB05: Advanced security setup, OS-based troubleshooting
  • Mobile Devices and internal PKI integration
  • Authentication with certificates, certificates for VPN/Wi-Fi
  • Mobile devices and two factor authentication
  • S/MIME and PGP email encryption
  • PKI integration setup
  • S/MIME integration setup
  • LAB06: MDM configuration with PKI, autoenrollment, ActiveSync certificate authentication
2 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
1 280.00 € (1 548.80 € incl. 21% VAT)

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Zebra Technologies CZ s.r.o., Vojtěch D.
Mobile Device Management Training ( MDM1)
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