Red Hat Advanced System Administration (RDHT)

Unix-like systems, Linux - administration

Course target is to extend linux server administrator skills with focus on resource monitoring and resource problem identification, then on security on local and network level and on filesystems used locally and on the network. Each chapter is followed by hands-ons connected to explained topic.

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The course:

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  • Install
    1. Theory: Instalation using different instalation method
    2. Hands-on: Install linux in VirtualBox
  • Local filesystems vs LVM vs RAIDs + crypted filesystems
    1. Theory: difference between possible instalation volumes
    2. Hands-on: LVM or RAID 5 configuration + FS changes on-the-fly
  • Scheduling
    1. Theory: difference between atd and crond, user settings
    2. Hands-on: Configure and test crond and atd.
  • NFS
    1. Theory: Network filesystem
    2. Hands-on: create nfs share, access nfs share, access rights
  • SELinux
    1. Theory: what is SE linux
    2. Hands-on: set access rights using SE linux
  • IPTables
    1. Theory: what is firewall, how it is configured
    2. Hands-on: configure service to bypass firewall
  • Logs, syslogs
    1. Theory: where systém stores logs
    2. Hands-on: locate information about systém in logs
  • /sys, /proc
    1. Theory: „virtual systems /sys and /proc and work with them“
    2. Hands-on: using sar, sysctl, kill, direct access to /proc
    1. Theory: what is SNMP and MRTG
    2. Hands-on: get data using SNMP, create network activity graph using MRTG
  • Monitoring the Kernel
    1. Theory: What is SystemTAP and Oprofile
    2. Hands-on: get data about running kernel
  • HW Performance
    1. Theory: Memories, swaps, cache, disk I/O
    2. Hands-on: get info about running systém
  • Processes and Scheduling
    1. Theory: How the Linux kernel schedules processes, priority
    2. Hands-on: get cpu information, get process info, modify process priority
  • Memory management
    1. Theory: How Processes and the kernel utilize memory, configuration, virtual memory
    2. Hands-on: monitor memory usage, change memory allocations, swap operations
  • Disk I/O
    1. Theory: I/O subsystems, different disks parameters
    2. Hands-on: change parameters of disks and test them
  • Filesystems ext2,ext3,ext4,GFS, GFS2
    1. Theory: comparation of used filesystems, rights, journaling
    2. Hands-on: convert ext2 to ext3, format new, resize
  • Networking
    1. Theory: network, bonded interfaces, sockets, OSI
    2. Hands-on: get info about interface, configure interface, create bonded interface
  • Applications
    1. Theory: how application use resources, allocations, performance
    1. Theory: possible network filesystems NFS, SAMBA and others
    2. Hands-on: configure samba client and server
Assumed knowledge:
basics of linux OS, knowledge of TCP/IP network protocols
3 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )

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Red Hat Advanced System Administration ( RDHT)