System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM1)

Microsoft, Networking

After course completion students will be able to plan, deploy, and manage System Center Configuration Manager 2007 in their enterprises. The course covers topics about managing and distribution software, updates and operating systems to clients. Also consideration for planning site and multiple site hierarchy are described.

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The course:

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  • Introduction to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    1. Overview of System Center Configuration Manager
    2. Key Configuration Manager Features
    3. Deployment Scenarios
  • Single-Site Architecture
    1. Planning and Preparing to Deployment Configuration Manager 2007 Site
    2. Installation of Configuration Manager 2007 Site Server
    3. Basic Configuration Tasks
    4. Discovering Resources
  • Clients Deployment by Configuration Manager 2007
    1. Planning Client Deployment Scenarios
    2. Deploying Clients
    3. Managing Configuration Manager 2007 Clients
  • Inventory Collection and Asset Intelligence
    1. Overview of Inventory Collection
    2. Collecting Hardware Inventory
    3. Collecting Software Inventory
    4. Asset Intelligence
  • Reporting Data Creation
    1. Overview of the Architecture of Data and Status Queries
    2. Creating and Running Queries
    3. Configuring and Deploying a Reporting Point
    4. Creating and Running Reports and Dashboards
  • Software Distribution
    1. Overview of the Software Distribution
    2. Creating and Populating Collections
    3. Configuring Collection Settings
    4. Creating and Configuring Packages and Programs
    5. Distributing Packages
    6. Advertising Programs
  • Deploying and Managing Software Updates
    1. Overview of Software Updates
    2. Preparing and Managing the Configuration Manager 2007 Site for Software Updates
    3. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Updates
  • Deploying Operating Systems Using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007
    1. Overview of Operating System Deployment
    2. Managing User Data
    3. Deploying an Operating System
  • Multiple Site Hierarchy Configuration
    1. Introduction to the Configuration Manager 2007 Site Hierarchy
    2. Configuring Configuration Manager 2007 Site Communications
    3. Installing a Secondary Site Server
    4. Roaming in Multiple Site Hierarchies
  • Wake On LAN, Power Management, and Remote Tools
    1. Overview of Wake On LAN
    2. Overview of Power Management
    3. Overview of Configuration Manager 2007 Remote Tools
  • Maintaining and Monitoring Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    1. Configuration Manager 2007 Maintenance Tasks
    2. Backup and Recovery of Configuration Manager 2007
    3. Using Windows Performance Monitor to Monitor Configuration Manager 2007
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Native Mode and Internet-Based Client Management
    1. Introduction to the Configuration Manager 2007 Native Mode
    2. The Public Key Infrastructure Required for Native Mode
    3. Configuring Sites for Native Mode
    4. Internet-Based Client Management
Assumed knowledge:
Good knowledge of Windows Server Administrator, TCP/IP networking, basic knowledge of SQL Server, Active Directory, Public Key Infrastructure.
5 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )

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System Center Configuration Manager ( SCCM1)
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