Synology Backup Architect (SIT2)

Networking, Synology

Training description

This course is delivered in Czech in a hybrid form, i.e. both in person and virtually, and each participant is free to choose their preferred form of instruction.

The training is primarily intended for our Czech or Slovak speaking clients.

A full description of the Czech version of the course can be found here.

If you are interested in the English version and instruction of this training, see here for a full description, including the option to register.

Location, current course term

Brno + online (volitelně)
9/19/2024 - 9/20/2024 CZECH
Vlastní Školení na míru (termín, lokalita, obsah, délka)

The course:

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  • Two-day module of the Active Backup for Business – Infrastructure Backup course
    1. Fundamentals of versioning and deduplicated backups
    2. Full Windows, Hyper-V and VMware client/server backups
    3. Easy file-based backups via SMB and Rsync
    4. Restore using recovery media
    5. Restore and direct virtualization of virtual machine and server backups
  • Active Backup for Office365/Gsuite backups of SaaS environments
    1. Fundamentals for local SaaS backups
    2. Backups of data, email, contacts, calendars, SharePoint
    3. Restore individual items and entire accounts
    4. Manage and access backup jobs
  • Hyper Backup - data backup and setup
    1. Overview of data backup and LUNs
    2. Local and remote backup settings and requirements
    3. Handling USB media and its properties
    4. Restoring individual data and completing backup jobs
    5. Linking existing backup jobs
  • Snapshot Replication - backing up data with local and offsite snapshots
    1. Setting up local and remote snapshots
    2. Administrator recovery through the DSM interface
    3. User recovery using Windows Explorer
    4. Failover scenarios in the event of an active NAS failure
  • USB Copy 2.0 - automated import and export
    1. Automatic import of data from USB media to NAS
    2. Automatic export of folders to USB media. "Plug and Backup"
  • Certification Exam
Assumed knowledge:
General knowledge of HW and networking, configuration of basic Synology NAS services, or course level knowledge of Synology NAS Fundamentals (SYN1EN) and DSM Architect (SIT1).
Recommended previous course:
Synology DSM Architect (SIT1)
Recommended subsequent course:
Synology Productivity Architect (SIT3)
2 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
320.00 € ( 387.20 € incl. 21% VAT)

Vybrané zákaznické reference

eD system a.s., Jaromír Č.
Synology Backup Architect  ( SIT2)
"Vůbec nemám co bych tomuto školení vytknul. Snad jen nestandardní formát offline/online, na což nejsem zvyklí :)"