Synology Productivity Architect (SIT3)

Networking, Synology

Dvoudenní modul poskytuje přehled produktů Synology pro produktivitu a spolupráci. Naučte se synchronizovat svá centrální data s klienty a dalšími umístěními, upravujte texty a tabulky současně se svými týmy a nastavte si svůj vlastní poštovní a chatovací server. Kurz je realizován hybridní formou, tedy současně prezenčně i virtuálně a každý účastník si může libovolně zvolit preferovanou formu výuky. Všichni účastníci mají zajištěn přístup do online labů, ve kterých probíhají praktická cvičení. Kurz otevíráme pro skupiny o velikosti 6 – 12 účastníků. Díky tomu je zajištěn individuální přístup i potřebná interaktivita pro každého účastníka školení.

The SIT (Synology Intensive Trainings) program offers official Synology training sessions where professional certified trainers teach you how to get the most out of your Synology NAS. Now available are two-day intensive SIT training modules DSM Architect, Backup Architect and Productivity Architect with certification options.

The courses focus on planning and executing a Synology NAS development and implementation project. You will learn how to plan and scale hardware as well as configure it properly for different network environments. You will also learn about system security and maintenance issues. You will also learn how to synchronize your central data with clients and other locations, edit texts and spreadsheets simultaneously with your teams, and set up your own mail and chat server.

All DSM Architect, Backup Architect and Productivity Architect courses culminate in Synology certification. This 45-minute test is administered immediately after the training and results are communicated to participants immediately upon completion. All participants who successfully complete the certification test will receive an official certificate with the Synology logo.

The course is designed for:

  • for resellers, salespeople, technical staff, IT consultants and system integrators;
  • anyone interested in Synology products and their effective use in practice;
  • all those interested in the official Synology certification.

Educational approach

  • The lecture includes practical exercises and constant sharing of the lecturer's experience and opinions with the participants.
  • SIT trainings are led by our certified trainers and are held mainly in Prague or Brno, or online or combined (hybrid).
  • Each training session consists of classic classroom content and hands-on demonstrations, with the DSM Architect, Backup Architect, Productivity Architect and Surveillance Architect courses culminating in a final Synology certification test.

Preparatory material topics

  • Synology Drive Basics (Application scenarios, feature highlights, available clients)
  • Key Technologies of Synology Drive (SPR, Delta Sync, Sync on Demand, Versioning, Intelliversioning)
  • MailPlus Server system requirements and licenses
  • Technical basics of a mail server
  • Email Flow Chart, Email Logs, DNS Basics
  • Basics of mail server security

Form of Training

The course is delivered in Czech or English in a hybrid form, i.e. simultaneously in full-time and virtually, and each participant is free to choose his or her preferred form of instruction. All participants have access to online labs where practical exercises také place.

The course is open for groups of 6-12 participants. This ensures a sufficient individual approach and the necessary interactivity for each participant, including space for questions.

Training price

Synology Intensive Trainings courses are not eligible for our standard 10% discount for graduates of our courses.


General knowledge of HW and networking, configuration of basic and advanced Synology NAS services, hardware planning and scaling, NAS security and maintenance, or Synology DSM Architect (SIT1) course level knowledge.

Location, current course term

Brno + online (volitelně)
10/19/2023 - 10/20/2023 CZECH
Vlastní Školení na míru (termín, lokalita, obsah, délka)

The course:

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  • Synology Drive und Synology Office
    1. Provide files in Drive and sync them with the Drive Client
    2. Manage shares for other users and public shares
    3. Sync files between multiple locations (Synology Drive ShareSync)
    4. Advanced features of the Drive Admin Console
    5. Hardware requirements and sizing of Synology Drive Server
    6. Collaborate on documents with Synology Office
    7. Integration between Synology Office and Synology Chat
  • Synology Chat
    1. Feature overview, system requirements, available clients
    2. Installation and Basic Settings (Synology Chat Admin Console)
    3. Key concepts (conversations, channels, scrambled channels, etc.) 
    4. Manage external guests in Synology Chat
  • MailPlus Client
    1. Basic settings for the MailPlus client (adjust layout, email signature and automatic replies, etc.)   
    2. Manage and organize emails (filters, flags, priority mailbox, etc.) 
    3. Release mailboxes for other user accounts
    4. Advanced topics (OpenPGP, POP3 retrieval, additional SMTP accounts, etc.)
    5. Automatically send large files as a download link 
    6. Integration with other packages (Calendar, Chat, Contacts, Drive, NoteStation, etc.)
  • Synology Contacts, Synology Calendar & Synology Note Station
    1. Basic Concepts of Synology Contacts & Calendar
    2. Manage, use and share contacts and calendar entries 
    3. Import contacts and calendars
    4. Access options via CardDAV / CalDAV
    5. Synology Note Station Basics (Features, Installation, Available Clients, Web Clipper)
    6. Create and share notes and tasks with Synology Note Station 
  • MailPlus Server
    1. Check the requirements for operating your own mail server
    2. Installation von Synology MailPlus
    3. Migration of existing systems 
    4. Security Features of Synology MailPlus 
    5. (Anti-spam, anti-virus, content protection, greylisting, etc.) 
    6. High availability & load balancing (SHA and MailPlus HA) 
    7. Monitoring & Reporting
    8. Backup Strategies for Synology MailPlus
  • Presto File-Server
    1. Application scenarios, feature overview, key technologies (SITA protocol etc.)
    2. Licensing of Synology Presto Fileserver
Recommended previous course:
Synology Backup Architect (SIT2)
Recommended subsequent course:
Synology Surveillance Architect (SIT4)
2 days (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM )
Course price:
350.00 € ( 423.50 € incl. 21% VAT)


Radovan Slechtický is an experienced trainer and information technology expert with more than 20 years of experience.

He excels in IBM AIX, Linux, MS Windows, networking, storage, high availability, performance, shell programming, as well as various IT consulting and project service delivery services.

Radovan is not only an erudite professional with a wide range of knowledge and certifications, but he also practices the topics he is trained on daily in his professional career.

His reference projects include services for many corporate customers such as IBM Czech Republic, Oracle Czech Republic, RWE Transgas, ON Semiconductor Slovakia, Wienerberger, Bull, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Foxconn, etc.

Roman Fryš is an experienced lecturer and IT specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

Excels in MS Windows OS, system administration and integration, network infrastructure, server and station implementation, storage, high availability, performance, PowerShell programming, IT consulting, client technical support and project service delivery.

Roman is not only an expert with a wide range of knowledge and certifications, but he also practices the training topics daily in his professional practice.

His reference projects include services for many corporate customers such as ARBES Technologies s.r.o., ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia s.r.o., České dráhy, a.s., ČEZ, a. s., Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s., Foxconn Technology CZ s.r.o., IBM CZ, Lion Communications s.r.o., Ministry of Defence, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s., Zebra Technologies CZ s.r.o. etc.


Thank you for the certificate and thank you very much for the great training. Both trainers are awesome and everything was great. In fact, this is the best training I have ever had in my life. I thought GOPAS was TOP, but now I have a different opinion which I will be happy to spread further among my colleagues.